Your Home Design Appointment

Give us a little of your time and allow us to answer all of your questions.

At Clement Browne, we like to give you all the information you need so that you can make an informed decision as to which shutters will look and work best in your home. 

Without cost or obligation our Master of Product will take full manufacturing measurements for your exact requirements, allowing us to quote you precisely on the day of our visit and take up no more of your time. 

The next time you'll see your Master of Product will be when they return to fit your shutters.

The Process

The process starts with you. What's in your mind's eye? How would you like your shutters to look? How do you want them to work? Where would you like them fitted? How have you been inspired?

Please share all of this detail with your Master of Product–who is both your surveyor and fitter–they will be able to expertly guide you towards the best shutters for your space.  

Your home design appointment will last around 90 minutes, during this time you will have all of your questions answered, and you will see a sample of everything we have to offer. Your Master of Product will take full manufacturing measurements for your exact requirements, and you will receive a comprehensive and detailed quotation. 

You can have confidence that everything you have discussed and agreed will be fulfilled to the highest standard as your surveyor will also be your installer. 

Book your free survey and quotation.

Meet Sean; he is a shutters expert–we call him a Master of Product.

All of our Masters of Product are skilled shutter surveyors and fitters who are thoroughly trained and fully employed by Clement Browne.

In our view, the best starting point for you when considering shutters for your home is to arrange a no cost, no obligation, home survey and quotation with one of our Masters of Product.

From the moment I saw the van pull up on the drive, to the moment it pulled away an hour later, I felt like we were in safe hands.


Our Master of Product, Darren was so friendly, and made the whole process feel like we had a friend over visiting.

- Kerry McGowan, Interiors Influencer

Placing your Order is Easy

Once your Master of Product has left your home, you will have everything you need to make an informed decision on which shutters to have in your home.

The next stage is easy. If you are ready to place your order there is a secure online payment gateway at the bottom of your quotation–click the link to place your order.

If you have any further questions, our customer service team is available via email, live chat and by telephone on 0800 028 1204.

Customer service from 8am-8pm.

This is Stacie; she is part of our customer services team. She will be here to help you before you go to work and for a few hours after you get home, to answer all of those last minute shutter-questions and to create and amend bookings.

You can also speak to us on live chat until late. It's all part of our understanding of exceptional customer service.